Duterte committing historical injustice vs. Moro people on US drone deployment – Anakpawis

President Duterte with military and national security officials. Photo by Interaksyon.President Duterte with military and national security officials. Photo by Interaksyon.

Manila, Philippines –Anakpawis Party-list Representative Ariel “Ka Ayik” Casilao condemned the reported deployment of a combat drone by the United States in Mindanao under the guise of fighting terrorism. US military forces has deployed a Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) or drone which can be weaponized with missiles can be used for airstrikes.

“The president is a turncoat, of his criticism of US colonial atrocities against the Moro people and declaration of breaking up with the foreign power,” Casilao said in a statement.

The lawmaker said that the US military intervention with the use of these drones will make the country line up with devastated countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. On these countries where the US has launched countless drone operations that killed thousands of civilians.

“We will not hold the president as mere accepting US foreign intervention, but a key factor for this desecretation of national sovereignty, human rights and peace, also, we will not exonerate him if these drones are to kill a single innocent life in the country as he will be causal of renewed historical injustice against the Moro and Filipino people,” Casilao said.

He added that the activists’ labelling of “US-Duterte regime” is now established with the continuing lackeyism to the foreign superpower.

“The people has been demanding even before his presidency the abrogation of the EDCA, VFA and MDT, but the sham patriot president facilitated the entry of these drones, which earned a global condemnation under the Obama administration,” Casilao said.

The current US-Philippine military exercises are under the framework of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement and Visiting Forces Agreement.

“EDCA was signed by former president Aquino who was clearly a US lackey, but the president sustained it, hence, they are essentially of the same color,” the lawmaker ended. ###